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What is your view worth?

Hi. I’m Dennis Draper. I just closed on my listing at 119 Distant View Dr., Asheville.

The key in pricing a home correctly is to understand the value of the non-tangible elements of the property. That’s why a simple pricing formula like “dollars-per-foot pricing” can be so far off.

  1. For example, how much “per-foot” is a quintessential, unobstructed, 180 degrees, four season, mountain, sunset view worth? A lot!

  2. There are lots of properties in our broad area with great views. As you know, most are far out, off the beaten path, and on private/dirt roads. What about close to town, with easy access, on public roads, just 2 miles from Publix; what is that worth “per-foot”? A lot more!

  3. I had one negative comment from a prospect about my listing: “It was just a tract home”. Does that matter in my assessment? Maybe. What if the home is immaculate; just like new; A great layout/design, with the details and quality the site deserves; what is that worth “per-foot”? Even more!

  4. What if the marketing real estate broker orchestrates an information and launch process that draws in a maximum number of prospects on day-one to compete for the privilege of purchasing the property? Is that worthwhile? Absolutely, it achieves getting maximum value for the home.

119 Distant View sold for $1,339,500. If you would like me to assess the value of your home taking into consideration its non-tangible elements, or if you would like to see how my marketing program is very different from others, please give me a call at 828.707.7699. Feel free to review my resume at


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