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Seasonal Marketing

Question - Is it true that it's a waste of time trying to sell my home during the holiday season? Answer - No!

Many people believe that is the case, and even though they are eager to sell now, keep their homes off the market during the holiday season. If you are motivated to sell, take advantage of the lower level of competition, and get your home on the market now.

  • Asheville has The Biltmore Estate that actively markets to draw people here over the holidays for their Christmas shows. I promote this opportunity to my prospect list.

  • The Grove Park Inn brings thousands of people here over the holidays with their Gingerbread House display. I promote this event to my prospect list.

  • There are people that will only have time off to travel to Asheville during the holidays and will want to look at homes while they are here.

  • With the smells, the decorations, the holiday spirit in the air, your home may never show better than it does during the holiday season.

  • There may be families relocating here that want to be in their new home before Christmas.

  • There may be folks whose retirement takes effect during this season, and they can't wait another day to make the move.

  • There are families from here and elsewhere that unexpectedly just sold their home and need to buy immediately.

If you want to sell your home, get it on the market. Don't miss out on that one buyer that might be your buyer.


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