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Live Your Dream

For the past two months I’ve been working on a project to sell an investment portfolio: four units on Delrose Lane, two on Hutch Mountain, three townhomes and a single-family home on Asares Hill, and a single-family home on Jackson Road. All these properties have sold. Additionally, I just sold the single-family home at 76 Distant View Dr.

It has been crazy-busy, but now I have time to help you.

We are no longer in that frenzied real estate market we had in 2022. However, working on these properties, all of which have closed since the second week in January, has confirmed to me that we have a strong market getting stronger. Interest rates are now tracking down instead of up. Inventories are low keeping prices strong. Given the “pause” we had as interest rates marched up, there is an accumulated demand for real estate.

If you have a real estate need, don’t be afraid of this market. Do what you want/need to do – downsize, upsize, move closer to the grandkids, relocate to the beach, move close to Disney World and let the grandkids come to you, change your investment strategy, transition to a social/senior living environment, or Live Your Dream.


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