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Happy Dog Day August 11th!

My Dog Daisy can talk

Did you know that dogs can talk?

Though it’s a strange dialogue

You probably think I’m wrong,

but my dog Daisy talks to me, all day long.

Daisy talks by the way she walks,

and the way she wags her tail.

She doesn’t mock; she doesn’t squawk,

but in her way, she talks without fail.

Daisy doesn’t complain

But when she cocks her head and perks her ears,

She’s asking you to explain.

If she rolls on her back and stretches her legs

“It’s time for a belly rub,” shouting, she begs.

She’s letting you know when she licks her lips

She’s ready for that treat.

Answer her command and she’ll say,

“Thank you” by lying at your feet

Daisy likes to come up to sit by your side

she needs some petting she’ll confide.

The conversation is clear; it’s not implied.

She’ll close her eyes begging you not to stop.

She will hold her head high, not moving a muscle

Pointed at a squirrel quietly talking to herself, doubtful.

She’s tried every day but never caught one.

They disappear, she never looks up, thinks it’s so fun.

I tell her to look up, go behind the tree.

She cocks her head and perks her ears.

I understand her; she doesn’t understand me

She forgets that one; charges on without fears

The only thing Daisy likes as much as a walk in the woods

is a joyride in the car, but that’s another story!


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