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Hi, I’m Dennis Draper. I live in Asheville, NC.


After graduating from the Naval Academy and serving my country as a carrier-based naval aviator, I’ve spent my career working in all aspects of real estate sales and marketing. I focus on sales and marketing projects in Buncombe and Henderson counties.


Many fear this real estate market. Not my clients.


As you know, the “Frenzied Real Estate Market” is over. But buyers still buy, and sellers still sell. Inventories are low, but additional housing inventory enters the market daily. Even though interest rates are above 6% after inflation, it’s still a bargain. Additionally, interest rates are trending down, with three additional rate cuts expected this year.


If you’re considering selling your home or looking for a home to purchase, I would be honored to put my real estate experience to work for you!


Please call to meet and interview me for your real estate requirements. My resume is included just below at the “About Dennis” link.



538 Cane Creek Road MLS # 4087029

Would you like four-season unobstructed views of the mountains from home? Or,


Would your family like to keep your horses at home in your five-plus acre yard? Or,


Would you like private access out your back door on your own property to the beautiful Cane Creek? Or,


Do you have a collection of eight or nine valuable classic cars you’d like to keep at home in your garage? Or,


Do you have a motor home you would rather store at home than off-site? Or,


Would you like to be able to create a mountain bike obstacle course for your kids or grandkids in your 5-acre backyard? Or,


Would you like a property that offered you an option to build another home or two to sell or rent? Or,


Are you interested in owning a short-term rental in the Asheville area? Or, Or, Or,


You know what they say about real estate: Location, Location, Location. Just 1.8 miles to Hendersonville Rd.


Offered at $625,000. MLS # 4087029

Cane Creek Home for Sale




Thank You

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