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Asheville Buyers Beware

Here are a few examples of things for Buyers to watch out for in the Asheville area:

  • There have been more than several that have moved from the “Big City” to work remotely in the beautiful mountains. They closed on their new homes only to find out there was no broadband service in the area. They didn’t think to inquire, because “Who doesn’t have great broadband these days?” Satellite services are available but often have lesser bandwidth.

  • Some have had their first experience with a septic system instead of public sewer. Septic systems are fine IF permitted, designed well, sized well, installed in the proper soil, and are managed properly.

  • Some have had their first experience with a well rather than a public water system. My old college roommate bought a house here with a well that promptly dried up. He had to drill deeper to get the quantity of water and install a sophisticated filtering system to get quality of water needed for his home. Wells are fine if the water table is adequate, and the well is designed properly.

  • Always investigate additions/expansions to an existing home. Was it built to code? Is the septic system able to accommodate the increased occupancy? Was it permitted? Inspected? Does the expansion show up on the county records? Does the new footprint conform to the required setbacks, etc.

  • I had to change from ATT cellular service to Verizon when I first moved here. The mountain where I lived didn’t have good ATT coverage and would not for some time.

  • Sometime things look close on a map but are not. Check out commutes to work and schools; there are no straight roads here. We live about 600 yards from my son’s high school, yet he must drive over 4 miles around a mountain to get there.

  • Termites - Yes, we have them

  • Radon - Yes, we have it

All these issues can be explored and evaluated thoroughly during a contract due diligence period. As your professional real estate broker, I can help you select the best licensed property inspectors and guide you through the process.


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